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Cancer Care Trust is a government recognised trust which help the person who require treatment and is not able to attain the required medication due to some personal reason such as money assistance or any other. We provide the proper guidance to your cancer need and the therapies and medication required for the cancer treatment.We are the trust which thrive for people and work for there well being and better life. 

We value life and work to save it but lack the fund sometime for the betterment of people or the mankind. So with just a little monetary or being a volunteer in our trust you can save the life and add to the mankind. We as a group of volunteers collect some amount required for the treatment of the people who are not blessed enough for obtaining the treatment due to high amount required for the cancer treatment.


Food Distribution During COVID-19 Pandemic
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Blanket & Cloths Distribution
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Child Educated & Skill Devlopment
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Distribution of Wheel Chair
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Plantation to Make Green Environment


Build a world in which every child has the right to survival, protection, development, and participation!

We want to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer and to inspire millions of others to do the same. There are approximately 2.0 million people living with cancer in the India today, We want to make sure we can provide support to everyone who needs it, to help people affected by cancer feel more in control of their lives. 

It’s a big task and we can’t do it alone. But there are lots of ways you can get involved and help us achieve our goal, from fundraising, to volunteering and campaigning. 

The Trust appreciates the support and assistance of a large number of volunteers who give their time at no cost to the Charity in support of our main activities. We use volunteers on our land-based activities, such as our fundraising events. we provide a safe place where young cancer patients can be together to enjoy a fun time away from hospital, doing what young people normally do without a cancer diagnosis. Last but not the least Our vision is to provide effective, local support and information for all people living with or affected by cancer.


To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate, and lasting change in their lives!

Our soul mission of operating this government recognized trust is to give treatment to not so blessed person for healthy and stable life again. Of the proportion of people around us there are some individuals who are not able to take proper guidance and treatment of the cancer and eventually die of it leaving behind their family at the middle of nowhere. So we help the individual to obtain the treatment and live peacefully. 

We create world-class cancer services for young people in the india, providing life-changing care and support so young people don’t have to face cancer alone. 

We know that having cancer at a young age comes with its own particular set of challenges. Our services put the needs of young people first and allow them to face those challenges together. we provide a safe place where young cancer patients can be together to enjoy a fun time away from hospital, doing what young people normally do without a cancer diagnosis. We plan to use printed information alongside utilising the internet to spread our message of awareness. We will be looking to find corporate supporters & grants as well as organising & supporting fundraising events in aid to achieve these goals.


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