All Donations are exempted Under Section 80 G(5)(IV) of Income Tax Act 1961.

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“Volunteers don’t necessarily have time, but they have heart. As Volunteer, you will learn not just more about the needs of others, you will also learn more about your own needs and you will discover that in helping other, you help yourself most of all. A Volunteer can be anybody. There is no age limit to begin a volunteer, no preferred categories, no salary specification, no special degree or work experience. All that is required is a dedication to the cause, sincerity about the work that one in doing and commitment to a regular and sustained efforts with the organisation.”

We would be delighted if you join us in our effort to make the world a batter and kindfull place for everyone. You can support poor needy peopels and underprivilaged childrens by donating your presious time and your skills. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place!

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