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Every year, hundreds of children lose their lives to preventable illnesses due to a lack of funding.

Abhayant Kandu

1 Year Old Baby Boy Abhayant Suffering From Disease Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)

Help: Abhayant , 1 year-old from Gorakhpur, UP, is suffering from heart disease called the Tetralogy of Fallot (By birth). He looks healthy on the outside, he is only losing more weight and getting more breathless by the day. His heart isn’t strong enough to keep her going for long, and he needs an open-heart surgery urgently to survive.

His father has a job less , and can’t afford the treatment. His parents are desperate to save their only child’s life, but find themselves helpless.

Donate as much as you can and share the story with all your friends and family members.


5 Year Old Baby Boy Vansh Suffering From Disease (ALL)/Blood Cancer.

Help: Vansh, 5 year-old from Shahdara, Delhi, is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia (LLA)/Blood Cancer. enduring relentless chemotherapy sessions that have eclipsed the joy in his days with relentless pain and suffering.

Vansh’s father, Rahul works as a daily labor, grapples with an unsteady income. Supporting a family of five in a rented apartment, the family struggles hard to meet their basic needs, let alone the exorbitant medical bills.

To cover these exorbitant medical expenses her father has already exhausted all avenues, borrowing from friends and relatives.

The dire circumstances and overwhelming medical expenses weigh heavily on the family. Any assistance or support extended to Baby Vansh would be an invaluable lifeline in his battle against cancer.


8 Year Old Boy Deevansh Suffering From Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)/Heart Diseases

Help: Deevansh, a brave 8-year-old from Khanpur, South Delhi, is suffering from Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)/Heart Disease. The condition has caused her to stop her growth. According to the doctors Deevansh needs urgent surgery to get recover soon.

His father, Surya Kant works as a field executive and shoulders the responsibility of providing for his family of three they already exhausting their savings on Deevansh’s treatment, the expenses remain daunting.

Please come to the aid of Deevansh and help him recover from the disease. Donate as much as you can and share this story with all your friends and family members.

Aayush Verma

1 Years old Boy Suffering From Disease Urinary Bladder Tumor.

Help: 3-years old baby boy Aayush is suffering from disease Urinary Bladder Cancer. This type of cancer needs to undergo  repeated cycles of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and surgery in extreme cases. He has been living on medications which are very costly. 

His father is a daily wage labour who has no source of income now since he moved to Delhi for treatment of their only child and can not afford the expenses of his treatment. Donate as much as you can and share the story with all your friends and family members.

Jabir Ali

6 Year Old Boy Jabir Ali Suffering From Disease (ALL)/Blood Cancer.

Help: 6-years old baby boy Jabir is suffering from disease called the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Blood Cancer.  His father is a labour person. With his minimal income, he can only hope to satisfy their hunger, let alone pay such medical bills. Along with the hopes of his family members. Please be the light that shines in the dark moments of Jabir family. Donate as much as you can and share the story with all your friends and family members.

Ekta Sharma

15 Years Old Girl Akta Suffering From Disease Brain TB (TBM).

Help: 15-years old young girl Ekta is suffering from BRAIN (TB). She was diagnosed with brain tuberculosis, which caused her to lose her ability to speak, sense, and move. If she gets continuous treatment, the brave girl who waits with hope will definitely get up and pursue her dream. She needs our help and support so that she can recover quickly. Please help her as much as possible so that she can get well soon.

Chintu Paswan​

5 Years Old Boy Chintu Suffering From Disease (Blood Cancer).

Help: Help 5-years old boy Chintu is suffering from Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency Type 1or. The severe immune-deficiency disease he has been living with will kill him without an urgent bone marrow transplant(hematopoietic stem cell transplantation). Premjit and Anu are struggling for their only child’s life and  they have just 20 days to save him. Chintu can have a chance of a  healthy, happy future with your support. His helpless parents can’t save him on their own.


16 Years Old Girl Suffering From Disease Bone Cancerous Tumor.

Help: 16-years old girl Simran is suffering from disease Bone Cancerous Tumor. Simran needs help to stand and walk straight. Cancer has sucked the life out of Simran who is now tied to a wheelchair. She needs to start chemotherapy at the earliest to survive. She needs underwent chemotherapy and surgery. Her mother, Poonam is jobless and has no way to arrange for her treatment. She needs your help to save her daughter’s life and leg.

Mohd Alfaiz

6 Years Old Child Suffering From Disease Lymphoblastic leukemia.

Help: 6-years old boy Mohd suffering from disease Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Blood Cancer). The doctor suggested multiple chemotherapies. His immunity to fight the dangerous infection is weakened due to blood cancer. His life is in complete darkness and now the situation is getting worse for the patient as well as for the family. Kindly come forward and help the patient so that he can also spend his happy life like us.

Eligible 50% TAX Benefit

All donations are eligible for tax exemption of 50% under Section 80(G) of Income Tax Act 1961.

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